Summer Inspired Flower Crowns in Bold, Bright Colors

I have summer on the brain lately, and I must admit it’s been effecting my work – in a good way though! My latest pieces are definitely summer-inspired, featuring big, bold, colorful flowers and whimsical floral arrangements. They have a more laid back, unstructured look than my usual designs – perfect for the upcoming season!

Camille Crown

Camille Crown by Sweet Little Sparrow

Sylvie Crown of Wildflowers & Field Grass

Sylvie Crown of Wildflowers & Field Grass

Aurelia Crown ~ New Colors!

I just listed two new color combos of my most popular crown – The Aurelia, and I have to say I think they might be my favorite yet!

I am also making the leaves myself now because the ones I had been using were discontinued by the manufacturer (*sigh*) and I just couldn’t find any others that were up to my (admittedly picky) standards. The plus side is that now I can make them any shape/style/color I want, which is more fun anyway. The downside, of course, is that they are time consuming to make – and this piece uses a whopping 22 of them! I really like the way it looks though, and I think it makes my pieces just that little bit extra special. And I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to wear cheap-looking, plastic leaves in my hair on one of the most important days of my life…

Anyway, without further ado, the Aurelia Crown, in Lilac & Amethyst ~

Aurelia Crown - Amethyst & Lilac

Aurelia Crown – Amethyst & Lilac

And in Aqua & Turquoise ~

Aurelia Crown - Aqua & Turquoise

Aurelia Crown – Aqua & Turquoise

Close-up of Leaves ~

Handmade Leaves

Handmade Leaves

To see more wedding accessories by Sweet Little Sparrow, please visit my Etsy Shop.

Sunshine Yellow

Even though it may still seem far away, Spring is right around the corner! Here’s a color palette to get you in the mood for the change of seasons.

















All items featured can be found on Click on individual photos for more information about products shown, purchasing information, and photo credits.

View the entire treasury on Etsy: Sunshine Yellow

The sunflower & daisy crown shown above is available in my Etsy shop. For more details, click on the thumbnail image above, or click here to visit my shop: Sweet Little Sparrow


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My Latest ~ The Delphine

Delphine Circlet

Delphine Circlet

The Delphine Circlet, shown here in dark blush (a beautiful dusty rose color), is my latest creation – just added to the shop today! Click on the photo above for item details and purchasing info.

Garden Party Wedding Headband

Lauren Headband

I am super excited about this new headband I just listed in the Sweet Little Sparrow Etsy shop! It would be perfect for a woodland wedding or a summertime garden party. Click on the image below for more details.

Woodland Wedding Hair Clips

Simple & sweet, perfect for a woodland wedding…

Leaf & Vine Hair Clip

    Soft ivory blossoms with delicate ruffled petals look lovely scattered throughout a messy updo or tucked into the plaits of a braid. Gold millinery pips peek from the centers. Leaves, made from the finest quality silk and rayon velvet, each one hand cut and shaped, provide the perfect backdrop for the ivory flowers. Each leaf is made from two layers of velvet, so it looks beautiful from the front and the back. Individual leaves can be purchased separately and used as accents in the bride’s hair or for the bridesmaid’s hair to really complete the look.

New Bridal Collection

I added some new veils and bridal pieces to the shop, and I must say I am pretty excited about them! Visit the Sweet Little Sparrow Etsy shop for more info.

In a Twinkling Veil

In a Twinkling Veil

Silk Tulle Blossom Veil

Silk Tulle Blossom Veil

Hunger Games Inspired Golden Circlet

Hunger Games Inspired Golden Circlet

Flight of Fancy Embroidered Bird Veil

Flight of Fancy Embroidered Bird Veil

Why Blog?

There is a lot of advice out there about how to blog successfully…choose a topic with widespread interest and stay on topic with your posts, “sneak” your self-promotion in amongst other relevant content (no more than 1 post in 10 should be a sales pitch), write well (duh), post often, never make a post that doesn’t include a photo…the list goes on. Since starting my new shop, Sweet Little Sparrow ~ vintage-inspired bridal accessories and adornments, I have toyed around with lots of ideas of how to use this blog. The truth though, is that none of these ideas have felt quite right to me. Wedding inspiration blog? There are already so many amazing blogs out there that fill this niche. Entrepreneurship? Etsy? Craftiness & DIY? Fashion? Any of these things could make a great blog, but I just can’t get excited about any of them.

So, why blog? Or, more specifically, why should I create this specific blog? I have been pondering this question for the past couple of weeks, and finally came up with the answer after reading a post by wedding and lifestyle industry expert, Liene Stevens, on her blog, Splendid Communications (Being Yourself, July 26, 2011). As Liene says, “As it relates to social media, the entire focus of blogs and other outlets is to bring transparency to the person who is writing. Reading this led to an “aha!” moment for me.

That’s it…transparency! That’s why I love to buy things on Etsy, or at my local farmer’s market, or from a small shop rather than a huge chain store. I like to meet the person who I’m buying from, and that interaction becomes part of the value of the product that I’m buying. My blog (or Facebook page, or Twitter posts, or Pinterest page…) allows me to communicate authentically with my would-be customers and let them know who I really am. It puts a face on my business, and gives is a personality. My personality! So, this blog will be my way of introducing myself and my brand to the world.

With this new focus in mind, I am feeling very enthusiastic about blogging! It will give me a unique opportunity to communicate with people, share things that I find interesting, and promote my brand. (which is the first of many of the “rules of blogging” that I will be breaking on this site). I will be using this blog to promote my shop – I will post new products, special sales, and links to places where my work is featured. I will talk about how I make my products, what makes them special, and why you should spend your hard-earned money on them. I will also talk about a variety of other topics, because I have a variety of other interests. Over time, I hope that this blog will become a genuine picture of who I am, starting with my next post: Who Is Sweet Little Sparrow?