About Me

Who is Sweet Little Sparrow?

  • My name is Stacey Root (Stacey Annette Root, to be more specific)
  • I live in Bellingham, a smallish city about 80 miles north of Seattle, Washington, in the very northwest corner of the US.
  • My husband, Josh, is my best friend and biggest supporter and I love him to pieces (even if he does leave his newspapers…and clothes…and dirty dishes strewn all over the house)!
  • We have two little boys (ages 2 and almost 4) who are adorable, but are also crazy wild monkeys.
  • Our house is 850 square feet. We love it and we don’t want to move, but it feels pretty crowded sometimes!
  • Did I mention we share said house with our sweet galumph of a dog (a Great Dane mix who weighs in at 100 lbs.), two cats, and 3 chickens? Well, the chickens live outside, but you get the idea…
  • Thankfully, we have a giant shop out back where Josh has his office and I have my studio. (Confession – when I want to hide out from the chaos in the house, I will just go out and sit in my studio and savor the peace and quiet and organization for a few minutes.)
  • I drink way too much tea ~ English Breakfast with oodles of honey and just a splash of milk.
  • My birthday is July 17th and I was born in 1978 (I’ll let you do the math…). This makes me a Cancer, and while I don’t actually put any stock in astrology, the personality traits for my sign do describe me pretty well.
  • I love to sew, and create, and make things!
  • Before taking a hiatus from work to have kids, I ran Lilli Jean, a small, independent clothing label specializing in vintage-inspired styles.
  • I am having so much fun designing wedding accessories! I love to help brides bring their visions to life, and I feel honored to be part of helping to create the perfect look for their special day!

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